Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fit & Healthy: Top Tips

There are different parts of being "Fit & Healthy."  Today, I'm reminded that caring for the inside and outside are equally important.  But, if I'm not willing to care for both, am I really taking care of myself?

I can't focus on just exercise, food, skin, hair, nails, makeup, or personal grooming.  They are all part of the whole thing.

Today's top picks/tips for being fit & healthy:

1. Hydrate. The basic guideline for an adult is eight 8oz glasses of water per day.  WebMD (and several other sites) says that hydration is actually more subjective, based on several factors including weight, activity, and climate.  You can easily search for a hydration calculator to get a more accurate water intake for your needs.  Hydration is also the first step in maintaining or attaining a healthy weight.

2. Rehearsing. The old adage is "You are what you eat," which I have found true in an oddball way (but more on that in another post), but I find it even more accurate that you are what you think.  (Equally important is "Don't believe everything you think.") When I think a lot about dieting or avoiding certain foods, dear goodness do I fight eating them even more! However, when I think about getting in some activity (even a simple stroll around the neighborhood or low-intensity video-game-based sport) and enjoying living in my body (I'll explain this later, too), I have better success at an overall healthy lifestyle.

3. Splurge. This doesn't have to mean spend tons of money. It's as simple as "give myself permission to take a nap."  (Remember sleep is another first step toward overall health and fitness.) Today, it might look like basic girly grooming: deal with obnoxious facial hair, home mani-pedi, a facial from a tube (I have a favorite for that, too, but more on that another time).

I hope you find my reminder to myself helpful, today.  ;-)

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